Brush up your vocabulary for IELTS Task 1

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January 14, 2019
Brush up your vocabulary for IELTS Task 2
January 29, 2019

Brush up your vocabulary for IELTS Task 1

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 evaluates the test taker’s ability to describe data which can be in the form of a graph, chart, process, flow chart or a diagram. The objective of the task is to be able to describe the trends, changes, similarities and dissimilarities in 150 words, without being repetitive. So having a good lexical resource, along with the right grammatical structure, can get you the desired score.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 follows a specific format. It requires an introduction, summary, comparison and conclusion. Being equipped with the necessary vocabulary can help complete the task easily and efficiently.

The introduction

The given chart/ the graph provided/ supplied/ shown

Representation type

Bar graph/ bar chart/ pie chart/ line graph/ table data/ tabular chart/ map/ process/ diagram/ flow chart


Represents/ shows/ illustrates/ delineates/ outlines/ describes/ indicates/ gives information on/ presents/ depicts/ gives/ provides

It is always a good strategy to correctly paraphrase the introduction. It not only helps you showcase your English proficiency, but also makes a good first impression on the examiner.

Reporting Details

Verbs reporting upward trends

To rise/ increase/ surge/ grow/ climb/ peak/ rocket/ soar/ leap

Here, the words rise, increase, surge, grow show increase. These can be used with good adverbs to further emphasis their upward trajectory whereas rocket, soar, leap are strong words which describe a sudden change. These words don’t need adverbs to support the message. The words climb and peak are neutral. Peak often denotes the highest point.

Verbs reporting downward trends

To dip/ fall/ decrease/ decline/ drop/ plunge/ plummet

Verbs showing stability

To remain stable/ static/ unchanged/ constant/ steady/ to plateau/ level out

Adverbs to support trends

Rapid change in trend

Dramatically/ sharply/ significantly/ tremendously/ substantially/ noticeably/ considerably

Moderate change in trend

Gradually/ moderately/ sequentially

Steady change in the trend

Consistently/ steadily/ constantly

Words or phrases to show approximation

Around/ about/ approximately/ nearly/ roughly

As a test taker you will be evaluated on four parameters- Task Achievement; Coherence and Cohesion; Lexical resource; Grammatical Range and Accuracy. Therefore, using correct synonyms, as well as a wide range of vocabulary, in a precise and accurate manner will help you get that desired band score. Best of luck!