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Be future ready

We are living in times of unprecedented presented change; the 4th industrial revolution, climate change, the impact of technology on our daily lives and on the labour market.

These are significant factors that are now changing the way we need to prepare for tomorrow’s world. How do we ensure that we are future ready?

We believe it starts in the formative years, which is why we have set up the Career and Skills Centre to work directly in schools.

Its goal is simple – to giving students the right tools to thrive in tomorrow’s world by helping schools, teachers and parents nurture lifelong learners and independent thinkers.

We do this by working with all parties from Principles and senior staff, to teachers, parents and of course students through carefully crafted programmes. Each approach is tailored to individual schools. Here is a taster of the services we offer;

For principles, management and senior staff

  • A leadership development programme. An intensive 3-day workshop designed to inspire management teams to lead with passion, vision and integrity. It will build effective leaders but also nurture a positive leadership style, which inspires the people around them, creating a happy and engaged team.
  • Complimentary invites to an exclusive networking event. This year’s theme is ‘Technology in the classroom’ and will include presentations from leading educationists and corporate minds.

For teachers

  • Skills and training.
    • Workshops on innovative teaching practices such as Flipped teaching and Blended learning, and pertinent topics such as how to discuss taboo topics to with children and the art of communication
    • Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) certification.
  • Coaching and team building.
    • Life coaching and goal setting
    • Psychometric testing
    • Team building boot camps.

For students

  • Guidance and coaching.
    • A 12-step life coaching programme designed to help students set goals, become more self-aware and equip them with the tools for navigating their life choices
    • Psychometric testing
    • Guidance with subject selection, university admissions in India and abroad, and career choices.
  • Courses and skills development
    • A 12-step skills development programme designed to help students build skills for the 21st century covering topics such as critical and creative thinking, research and curation, leadership and communication
    • English language development and assessment
    • Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, PTE examinations
    • Innovative courses such as Artificial Intelligence.
  • Networking and real world opportunities
    • Invites to university and career fairs
    • Internships and volunteering opportunities.

For parents

  • Thought leadership and networking
    • Workshops from experts on parenting on topics such as;
      • Nurturing life long learners
      • Communicating effectively with Gen Z
      • Thinking beyond the conventional careers
      • Emotional intelligence
      • ‘Taboo’ topics (sex, drugs, mental health, bullying)
  • An opportunity to be kept up to date with innovative teaching practices such as Flipped teaching, Blended learning, Project based learning
  • A chance to network with like-minded people.


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