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Bonjour. In today’s world, students who speak several languages will increase their chances of finding a job, whether at home or abroad. Not only does language learning enrich the mind but it opens up new horizons. Especially French.

Often considered as the language of culture did you know French is also, along with English, the only language spoken on all five continents and is the world’s second most widely learned language after English.

Moreover, French is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. The grammar and sentence structure is different from English, but are simpler. English speakers should also know that French has provided more than 50% of the current English vocabulary, so you are halfway there already.

Structured courses

What do we offer?
At Rosemounts, we have qualified and experienced teachers with native accents. We ensure that their command over the language is exceptional.

Suitable for absolute beginners to advance learners our courses will get you speaking, listening to, reading and writing French with ease and confidence. We also provide books, study material and assessments to support your learning.

Furthermore, the syllabus that we follow leads you to a DELF certification. At the end of each course level [A1, A2, B1, B2] students can appear for the corresponding DELF or DALF exams. DELF and DALF are proficiency diplomas in French based on the CEFRL. They are issued by the Ministry of Education in France and are recognised all over the world.

Finally, with us, you can also choose to learn in-person at the Institute or online. To find out more contact us today.

Who learns French with us?

  • Adults – young and old from anywhere in the world
  • Those looking to pursue further studies or careers abroad
  • Those looking to get ahead in business
  • Young learners wishing to learn an additional language

Our courses
All the French courses offered by Rosemount Institute are structured to satisfy the Common European Framework for languages. We focus on all the areas of French language skill development; speaking, reading, writing and listening, and cater for all abilities. All our courses can be taken in-person at the Institute or online.

Introductory course A1 (130 hours)

For absolute or basic speakers, you will learn basic familiar, everyday words and sentences, which are very much needed in day to day conversation. After completing this level, you will be able to ask and answer basic questions about home, family and surroundings. You will be able to communicate in a basic way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is ready to repeat or reformulate to help communication.

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Elementary course A2 (+140 hours)

For students who already have a basic grasp of the language and can understand and produce simple sentences, instructions, descriptions and exchanges. After completing this level you’ll be able to communicate during easy or habitual tasks requiring a basic and direct information exchange on familiar subjects. You’ll be able to describe your surroundings and communicate immediate needs. You’ll also be able to build dialogues and have a conversation with other French speakers on themes relating to simple, day to day situations.

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Intermediate course B1 (+150 hours)

For students who can already understand frequently used expressions, hold a basic conversation with a native speaker and understand the short text. By the end of the course, you'll be able to understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar subjects in work, school, leisure activities, and deal with most travel situations. You’ll be able to produce a simple and cohesive text on familiar subjects or subjects of personal interest and be able to narrate an event, an experience or a dream; describe a desire or goal, and outline reasons or explanations behind a project or idea.

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Upper-Intermediate course B2 (+200 hours)

For students who can already sustain a conversation with a native French speaker and can understand and produce short texts. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to spontaneity interact without too much strain in a way that is comfortable for everyone. You’ll be able to speak in a clear, detailed way on several subjects; express an opinion on current affairs, giving the advantages and disadvantages of the various options. As well as understand the main ideas of concrete or abstract topics in a complex text, including a technical article in the user’s area of expertise.

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During your course you’ll be assessed regularly including;

  • Oral (introduction, situation assessment)
  • Written (through objective and subjective type questions)
  • We'll provide 360-degree feedback – from your teacher, peers and video recordings. We aim to develop your love of the language as well as build your confidence, fluency and accuracy.

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Why choose Rosemounts?

  • Offers flexible timings
  • Choose of in-person or online classes
  • Small groups for highly personalised teachingTeacher and student-friendly atmosphere
  • Highly trained teachers who are native French speakers – with authentic French accents
  • Over 20years of expertise and know-how gained from teaching multiple languages to students all over the world.
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Need more convincing?

Here is why learning French is so beneficial…

For business – being bilingual isn’t just good for your resumé, it can change your career. As a major language for global commerce, knowing some French can be extremely advantageous for anyone doing business in western Europe or the western half of Africa. Countries in West Africa represent rapidly emerging markets that will be harder to access if you can’t understand French. In Europe, French is essential for many businesses.

Travelling – France is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe to visit – if you can speak French. Seek out the kinds of genuine places that are out of bounds to non-French speakers. If you get away from Paris hotels and Riviera resorts, you’ll discover that most of the country consists of farms, vineyards and small villages.

French is also spoken in Belgium and Luxembourg, and it’s the second most spoken language in Europe. Furthermore, 20% of Canada speaks French as their first language. and it is the lingua franca of half the African continent: from Morocco to Senegal to Mauritius to the Seychelles.

Living abroad – When you speak French well enough to travel without a phrasebook in hand, the idea of staying longer in another country can become tempting. Cities like Paris, Brussels and Lyon offer opportunities for students looking for a semester abroad; professionals may find the next big thing in growing economies like Algeria, Tunisia and Côte d’Ivoire; and retirees who appreciate the good things in life continue to be drawn to the south of France.

Brain training – Even if you decide to learn French as a hobby, knowing multiple languages will keep your brain healthy and nimble, even in old age. This is because knowing another language creates another network of connections among your neurons. The higher your neural interconnectivity, the better your memory and problem-solving skills.

French, Belgian and African Cultures, Unfiltered – The French-speaking world is responsible for gorgeous (and delicious) arts and culture. Knowing French will also give you unfiltered access to the films of the French New Wave, the literature of Flaubert, Balzac and Proust; and the music of Édith Piaf and Serge Gainsbourg.

Start your love affair with French today. Contact us to find out more. Au revoir for now.

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FAQs About French Language Courses in India

1Why should I learn French?
Answer - Often considered as the language of culture French is, along with English, the only language spoken on all five continents and is the world’s second most widely learned language after English. It is widely spoken in Europe, Canada, and nearly half of Africa.
2Will you provide a French language learning certificate at the end of the course?
Answer - Yes, we do provide you with a French language learning certificate at the end of the course.
3What is the French language courses duration & fees?
Answer – The duration of the French language course depends on your current knowledge of French. For the in-person course we recommend that you study French for at least 8 weeks with us. For the online courses, we recommend dividing the course duration into modules of 20 hrs at a time. The pace depends on your requirements. Fees for all our courses are available on request. International students who study in-person with us can also choose to stay with us at our Hostel. Please contact us for details.
4Will you help me to get Student Visa for French Language study in India?
Answer - Yes, we provide you with all the essential documents to secure a student visa.
5Who is eligible to opt for the French speaking course at Rosemounts Dehradun?
Answer - Anybody can join of our French language speaking course programs. Also, we can provide customised courses to students depend upon current knowledge and age.
6Can I study online and then continue ‘in-person’ part way through a course?
Answer – Yes, all of our structured courses follow the same syllabus so you can blend your learning. Fees differ for online and in-person options but credit from online learning can be used for the in-person courses and vice versa. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we can advise accordingly.
  • I am a professor of anthropology in Brazil. I did a 2 month Hindi Course at Rose Mount. Initially, it was a bit difficult but after the first week I settled in the class and made good progress. I believe that 2 month was a short time, I should have opted for a longer course.
    Gabriele Grossi (Brazil)
  • Hi I am Oscar from Spain. I came to Dehradun 2 months ago to study IELTS.Studying in Rose Mount School was really a good experience. I used to study 5 hrs in a day. The outcome of it was I scored 8 bands out of 9 On IELTS(University of Cambridge). The classes,material given in school was very useful.
    Oscar Arevrec Regnis (Spain)
  • I visited India with my friend to learn English. It was a great experience. We really enjoyed our stay. The country is mesmerizing.
    Iva Lopez (Spain)
  • Hi I am Adnan from Iraq. I am a journalist by profession and I have travelled all over the world. For me coming to India was something I had always wanted to do. So when I came across Rose Mount on the net I became very interested in the programmes they had to offer. I did a three week course in English.
    Adnan (Iraq)
  • Hi, I am Navila from Japan. I first came for one month and then I came again for 6 months. My Hindi teacher was very good. He made feel comfortable in the class. I studied and I enjoyed a lot. I went to Ladhak at the end of my course.
    Navila (Okamoto)
  • I came to the school to prepare for IELTS (University of Cambridge Exam) with my friend. We stayed together in the same room.After scoring 6.5 band I am now teaching English in Thailand. The principal himself used to take our classes. We spent around 6 hrs average in the class.
    Chih Chi (Taiwan)
  • My stay at Rose Mount was a great experience. In fact, it was my first visit to India. But thanks to Mr. Madhukar I felt quite at ease. I am coming back in February again to carry on my studies with our Hindi teacher.
    Jason Dunn (America)
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