The Virtual Parent

The Virtual Parent

The Virtual Parent – Help your children embrace online learning Free online workshop

Coronavirus is forcing all of us to adapt to a new way of life. The Virtual Parent is a free online workshop that helps parents navigate this new world. It will help you embrace the power of online learning so that your children can keep learning efficiently outside of the classroom.

Delivered by Rosemounts’ Director Madhukar Dhiman you will gain:

-General tips on how to nurture children during lock-down
-Guidance on how to support your children’s online learning
-Understanding of the challenges schools and teachers face and how you can work with them to better facilitate learning at home
-Insight on how to use different online platforms for effective learning.

This interactive live workshop will be conducted online through Zoom.

Once you’ve registered we’ll send you an email with an event link 24 hours before the event. Please contact us on +91 7302222330 if you don’t receive it or have problems accessing the workshop.

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