Effective English Language Tips: Brush up on some handy sayings!

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July 23, 2015
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October 12, 2015

Effective English Language Tips: Brush up on some handy sayings!

To begin with, Sayings are a well-known and wise statement, which often has a meaning different from the simple meanings of the words it contains. Using them would indisputably help to spice up your speech, story or performance. Logically, you should get the situations they are apt to use with a correct word order. So, let’s cover some of them.

1.      Beauty is only skin deep

A: I wish to marry a good looking girl.

B. Well, I think beauty is only skin deep.

It is said to emphasize that a person’s character is more important than how they look.

2.       Once bitten twice shy

A: When are you are applying for the job again.

B:  I have become doubtful now. You know, once bitten twice shy.

It is said when you are frightened to do something again because you had an unpleasant experience doing it the first time.


3.      Two wrongs don’t make a right

A: She has spread a rumour about me. So, I’m thinking of doing the same to her to teach her a lesson.

B:  You can teach her a lesson but I think two wrongs don’t make a right. You should look for another way.

It is said to emphasize that it is not acceptable to do something bad to someone just because they did something bad to you first.

4.      You can never tell said

A: Undoubtedly, she will win the competition. She won last year.

B: Don’t be so sure. You can never tell.

It is used to mean that you can never know or be certain.

5.      The more, the merrier

A: How can people should we invite to the party?

B: I suggest inviting as many as possible-the more, the merrier.

It is used to say an occasion will be more enjoyable if a lot of people are there.

6.      Easier said than done

A: My employer wants me to submit the reports by this weekend.

B: Why she doesn’t get that it’s easier said than done?

It is said when something seems like a good idea but it will be difficult to do.

7.      It’s a small world

A: Guess what? I met my old student in Japan.

B:  Oh, really?

A: I couldn’t believe my eyes. I shouted, “It’s a small world.”

It is said to show your surprise that people or events are connected.

8.      Out of sight, out of mind

A: My friend hasn’t called me for months since she moved to the U.S.

B:  C’mon, you must accept the fact-out of sight, out of mind.

It is said to emphasize when something or someone cannot be seen, it is easy to forget them.

9.      Blood is thicker than water

A: My eyes welled-up listening to his sacrifices for his sister.

B: You must have heard the saying-blood is thicker than water.

It is said to emphasize that you believe that family connection are always more important than other types of relationships.

1    An eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth)

A: Do you agree with Mahatma Gandhi’s principles?

B: I must confess that I rather believe in an eye for an eye.

It is said to show that you believe if someone does wrong, they should be punished by having the same thing done to them.


Lastly, Sayings are very interesting and easy to use in your everyday conversation. The classes at Rose Mount make learning English interesting and effective. We understand that most of the English language students would like to hone their English speaking skills. So our courses have designed in a way that a lot of attention is paid to the speaking skills and along side other skills like reading, writing and listening are also extensively covered.


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