English for Young Learners

Statement of Purpose (SOP)
May 27, 2018
IELTS Grammar Exercise 1
June 7, 2018

English for Young Learners

Why are good English Language Skills important for improving your child’s overall performance?

Blame the education policy, the Britishers, Google, but we can’t escape the fact that strong English Language skills are the single most important factor in deciding your child’s success academically as well as socially. I have in my long career as an English Language teacher and as a facilitator to many schools come across various instances where English language skills have played a pivotal role in improving the academic performance across all the subjects.

  1. Everyday I come across students who would like to improve only their spoken English. Knowing good English is not limited to just spoken skills. Good English language skills mean that you are equally good at reading, writing, listening and speaking. This results in better performance in all the subjects: geography, science, mathematics etc. It becomes easier for the students to comprehend and express themselves more precisely and confidently.
  2. Good language skills are also important if you want your child to become an independent and lifelong learner. If they cannot understand the written word their interest in the subject will dip and they will succumb to the pressures of rote learning. In order to grasp the concepts and to have in depth knowledge your child’s language skills play a very important role. This helps them to study at their own pace and develop life long good learning habits.
  3. Well Google baba may be supporting regional languages but all the good top-notch research and websites are in English. So if your child is researching some topic on the net, he/she just cannot do without knowing English. In short, English opens up a whole new world of infinite knowledge.
  4. In fact, this single language opens up the complete world for the students. There are innumerable opportunities, which start coming their way. They are more aware and socially more compatible.

I am a teacher and a father too. I am quite aware that if my children are not good at English their overall academic performance will surely dip. As parents we take most of the decisions on their behalf. So if their language skills are lacking, it is us who have to take the blame. The time is now when they are still young and their brain is supple enough to learn and adapt a new language. Make sure you enroll them for a English language course this summer.

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