Final preparation for IELTS – Revision Tips

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May 12, 2018
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Final preparation for IELTS – Revision Tips

Final preparation for IELTS –revision tips:
In this article we will discuss about the main components of IELTS Examination and how to prepare for it in an efficient way during the time when exam is very near and how should the preparation be done for all the separate areas of the exam so as to maximize the overall score. IELTS is accepted across more than one hundred and forty countries and in these countries it is amongst the most popular test conducted for examining an individual’s grasp over the English language. The most important point about preparing for IELTS is that you don’t need to take out specific time for it and it can be done along with your favourite activities like reading your favourite book, chatting with friends or watching television. IELTS has four components starting from listening (30minutes), reading (60 minutes), writing (60 minutes) and speaking (11-14 minutes). Listening section being the most important is one among these. When the day of the exam is near there are various questions that pop-up in a persons mind like, how hard is the real test? Is my preparation enough? What if I can’t manage a good score? These questions are there in the mind as the test approaches near, so here are some last minute IELTS tips for the examinee to clear it.

Mock tests
Do as many as possible practise tests and set the time limit for each section as in the real exam so as to get yourself in practise of solving these things in time. Every time after you end up solving a new test evaluate it and compare it with the test you attempted the last time. Point out what are the common mistakes and the new mistakes you are making as well should also be worked on. Don’t skip on any of the mistakes that you are committing in your mock test because you don’t know what you will get to see on the day of the examination. Giving mock tests is one of the best ways to revise what all you have prepared. These practises should be started when only 5-6 days are left in the commencement of examination.

Revision from notes
If you have prepared notes for IELTS revise them on a regular basis i.e. one to two times a day. However one thing should be kept in mind that these notes should be in the form of bullets and not in complex format so that will make it easy for you to understand and revise in a very less amount of time because time is of essence to the person when exam is nearby.

Have confidence
One of the most important thing is that have confidence on yourself and believe on what you have done. Don’t be affected from how friends are preparing and what all they have done, just be focussed on what you can do and have done because and one method or trick that may be useful for others may not work for you and ultimately its only you who is going to face the exam.

Revising for the writing section
To revise for the essay you need to start from the beginning that is the structure of the essay and then other minute details. Essay should consist of logical structure. There should be a clear distinction between introduction, body and conclusion. Clear thesis statement that answers the questions of the essays and shows your opinion as well. Special attention should be given on grammatical error as these are most common mistakes that are committed by the candidates and this is where you will have an edge over other candidates if you hone these skills of yours. Same word should never be used again and again because the range of words is also one of the criteria that are examined in the IELTS exam. Most important of all stick to the time limit while practising at home and that will make you more efficient on the day of the exam.

Reading Tips
It’s always difficult to remember the meaning of new words. Try to use the new words in the sentences that you have formed. Also look for the different form of words available. The more you pay attention to the word when you come across it; it’s more likely that you will remember its meaning later. Decide the main meaning of the paragraph and then you can easily frame the heading.

Speaking Tips
Practicing for speaking tip during last days try to ask yourself question and do not answer them in one word, because you are not doing multiple choice questions and you have to communicate so try saying several sentences for every questions. On the day of exam to fill the gap when you are answering a question and you don’t get what to say, fill the gap by saying “Let me think for a moment” or you can say “What an interesting question.” Watch films and try to imitate the expression of the actors when they are happy or sad and you should do the same thing during the exams, because without expressions even the most exciting story sounds boring.

Listening Tips
As far as listening skills are concerned. Most important of all listen carefully and read the questions first so as to pay more attention on that part of recording that is focussed on the question. Pay attention only to those questions that have been discussed in the recording. One another most important point is that you should stick to the world limit. Not adhering to the word limit can cost you marks.

These were some of the tips for revision of your IELTS examination preparation and if you can stick to these of course you can perform in a very efficient manner so as to crack your exam. Another important thing is that just a day before exams sit back and relax your mind so that you can perform on the next day.

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