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December 18, 2018
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December 26, 2018


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which helped millions realize their dream of settling abroad has added another feather in its cap. Keeping pace with changing times, it has launched its latest application IELTS CBT, Computer Based Test. This is in addition to the existing paper based test (PBT).

IELTS (CBT) as a test has not been altered in any manner. Just the Listening, Reading and Writing section for both Academic and General Modules are system based now. The Speaking test, however, will still be done face to face as usual. The content, timing, structure and marking scheme are still the same.
There are several benefits of taking the IELTS Computer Based Test. Following are some of the main ones:


The computer based test is streamlined, demanding lesser time in booking the dates of the test thereby saving time and energy. Moreover, the process is lot easier and user friendly.

More tests in a month

The test takers will be provided with more dates to choose from which means the test takers can book their test as per their convenience.

Fewer crowds on the test day

One of the key benefits of the change introduced means lesser test takers showing up for the test due to the availability of multiple shifts in a single day. Less test takers in a given shift will mean less noise as compared to the paper based version which is always packed to the capacity.

Insight into Reading, Writing and Listening Sections

While IELTS has still maintained the same level of difficulty for its test takers, the following features make the Writing, Reading and Listening in both Academic and General Training modules more viable.


Typing is indeed more comfortable and faster than writing down the answers. There is also more scope for editing, restructuring the sentences anytime within the given timeframe. The word count appears on the screen, saving the effort to keep a track of the same.


For the reading test, the page is divided in sections. The text of the reading passage and the questions are in different sections of the same page. One just needs to scroll up and down to go to the required part. There is a question palette that highlights the questions not attempted. The key words in the text can be highlighted (if required). The next and the previous tabs at the bottom of the page take you to different pages to complete and review the test before submitting it.


In the listening test, the audio track runs for about 30 minutes as usual and the answers are automatically transferred to the question palette which highlights the number of questions answered or unanswered.  No separate time is given at the end of the test to transfer the answers at the end of the test unlike the paper based test. The answers can be reviewed before submitting the test.

Time management

There is a timer and a note pad at the bottom panel of all the three tests in both the modules enabling note making and better time management respectively.

Result declaration

Last but not the least; the results will be out within 5-7 days. It’s quicker as compared to the paper based version of the test which generally takes 13 days to declare the results. Therefore, the test takers will not have to wait for ages to know their band score.
The IELTS CBT will therefore simplify the life of the present day test takers. So equipped with the methodology of the IELTS and a tinge of modern technology, you’ll be all set to fly high to your dream destination.

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