IELTS Speaking Assessment

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May 21, 2018
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May 27, 2018

IELTS Speaking Assessment

Understanding IELTS Speaking Assessment: Thinking beyond IELTS Band 7

To prepare we suggest that you be critical of your speaking skills and get an insight into how an examiner marks you on the IELTS speaking test day. At Rosemounts, this is precisely how our experienced and trained faculty grades you on your mock test day.

If you meet the following marking criteria, you are primed for success.

Fluency and Coherence

– Frequent hesitation was noted in your answers to the examiner’s questions.
– There were many instances where you repeated yourself and/ or corrected your mistakes while responding to questions.
– The rate of your speech was easy to understand except, on a few occasions.
– You were able to develop the topic in the responses where it was needed although there were instances where the speech did not flow as naturally.
– An overuse of connecting devices was noticed in some of your responses.

Lexical Resource

– You were able to answer most of the questions, but the usage of some words was not always appropriate in the contexts where they were used.
– A variety of topics (familiar and unfamiliar) were covered in your responses but they lacked detail.
– You were able to repeat your point with emphasis, but you used the exact same words to do so.
– The usage of new and uncommon words was completely lacking in your speech.
– You were able to use sufficient vocabulary in order to make your meaning clear.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

– You were able to use only a limited number of complex structures in your responses.
– There was a limited range of sentence structures noted in your responses.
– Although most of the sentences you produced were nearly accurate, there were some grammatical errors that were noticeable.
– The errors created some difficulty in understanding meaning for the listener.


– Your response could generally be understood throughout the Speaking test.
– Your pronunciation of certain words required the listener to play closer attention in order to make meaning clear.
– The responses showed minimal control of laying emphasis on particular sounds in order to make meaning clear.
– There was little attempt to change the tone of the voice in order to communicate meaning effectively.

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