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Over these years we have seen a number of Hindi Language schools sprout all over the world but India still remains the number one destination. This is a big question among the international students that why to learn Hindi in India only. The answer is very simple. If you want an emotional relationship with Hindi language and with the people of India, the only place to know the depth of Hindi is India. Communicating in a country’s language or respecting the culture is a way to show not just friendliness but also the intention to engage on social, political and business fronts.

India is a huge and culturally diverse country. Anybody who is interested in the culture of a country must know its language also. Hindi is an official language in Indian states like Uttrakhand, Utter Pradesh, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Hariyana and Delhi. So if you have knowledge of Hindi you are many steps closer to explore the culture of India.

One of the biggest reason for people willing to learn Hindi is because they want travel around India. Not everybody knows English so travelling in India can become frustrating. If you know Hindi your task becomes easier more exciting. The knowledge of Hindi will allow you to do or see things which other visitors may not. Hindi language makes a good relationship between mind and heart.

India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. It makes lots of sense to know the language of the country you would like to do business with. Use of Hindi is inevitable for your business. Many big international companies come to India for business deals. They are giving training facility to their employes to learn Hindi in India. Many embassies have enrolled staff for Hindi classes in India. Hindi language will help all of them in conducting business and diplomatic relations better.

The the beauty of Hindi language is that after learning it, you can easily switch over to other sanskrit based Indian language like Gujrati, Bengali, Marathi, and even Sanskrit. Urdu language is closely related to Hindi. So if you know Hindi, you in fact, will be able to pick other Indian languages as well.

There are many language schools which offer Hindi Language courses. You can do a search on the net and you will be able to find one that suits your need. Along with the courses some of them offer accommodation and food also. Rose Mount’s Institute of Languages is one of them. Located in the North of India in the foothills of Himalayas, it is a great place to stay and study.


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