Why learning English can change your life?

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May 14, 2018
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May 21, 2018

Why learning English can change your life?

Communicating Globally
The Importance of English as a language lies in the fact that more than 375 million people speak English across the globe. Some people think that having knowledge of spoken English can only help you only in countries like the US and UK, however this is not true! There are more than fifty English speaking countries that exist around the world and in all of these countries English is either the official language or the primary language. After Mandarin and Spanish, English is the third most used language in the world. Learning English prima facie seems a very difficult task, however when you will be well versed with this language it will be very rewarding too. Learning English can unlock various new doors for you. It creates new opportunities for you and helps you to see the world. As with the coming time and increasing development of science and technology, the world has become a smaller place that is to say everything is interconnected and having the knowledge of spoken English can be a very valuable skill as it enables you to communicate with a lot of people across the world belonging to different countries. Apart from all those who have learned English or are fluent in English, there are more than one billion people in the world who are learning English everyday. By knowing of English you will become a citizen of the world.

Employment Opportunities
An important factor behind why most of the people in various countries are unemployed is the fact that they are not fluent in English. Most of the multi-national corporations of the world have English as their official language and to get a job in these corporations you must be well versed in English that means being a fluent speaker.

Becoming a part of various cultures/travelling becomes easy
Language and the culture depend on one another. English as a language is representative of various cultures. For People who enjoy travelling English is a necessity as more than 65% of people in the world use English for communicating. Most of the blockbuster movies in the world are made in English! You can watch them in dubbed translated language but this experience isn’t equivalent to watching them in the original language in which it has been made, as in dubbed languages most of the expressions and emotions are lost. Most of the reputed media houses across the world use the English language. Also when it comes to information available on the internet more than 51% of content is available in English. English is the most dominant language across the internet.

Furthering your studies
Most important of all, if you want to study in most prestigious institutions of the world then English fluency is one of the most important factors. For admissions in these institutions you have to clear a test first of all that TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). When compared to other languages English can be easy to learn and being its close proximity with German language. The best books in the world are originally published in English and are first released in English as well and it takes time till they get translated into other languages.

Better understanding of science
Your understanding of science can be improved a lot if you are well aware of English as a language. This is due to the fact that most of the science research articles are published in English so that they can be easily understood by international scientists. For most of the Engineers, Scientists’ etc. learning English has been made compulsory along with other subjects. Being bilingual is known to improve brain function. Studies conducted by experts have shown that English helps in developing cognitive abilities. There have been some other studies that show people who are bilingual are less prone to dementia when they become old.

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