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  • I am a professor of anthropology in Brazil. I did a 2 month Hindi Course at Rose Mount. Initially, it was a bit difficult but after the first week I settled in the class and made good progress. I believe that 2 month was a short time, I should have opted for a longer course.
    Gabriele Grossi (Brazil)
  • Hi I am Oscar from Spain. I came to Dehradun 2 months ago to study IELTS.Studying in Rose Mount School was really a good experience. I used to study 5 hrs in a day. The outcome of it was I scored 8 bands out of 9 On IELTS(University of Cambridge). The classes,material given in school was very useful.
    Oscar Arevrec Regnis (Spain)
  • I visited India with my friend to learn English. It was a great experience. We really enjoyed our stay. The country is mesmerizing.
    Iva Lopez (Spain)
  • Hi I am Adnan from Iraq. I am a journalist by profession and I have travelled all over the world. For me coming to India was something I had always wanted to do. So when I came across Rose Mount on the net I became very interested in the programmes they had to offer. I did a three week course in English.
    Adnan (Iraq)
  • Hi, I am Navila from Japan. I first came for one month and then I came again for 6 months. My Hindi teacher was very good. He made feel comfortable in the class. I studied and I enjoyed a lot. I went to Ladhak at the end of my course.
    Navila (Okamoto)
  • I came to the school to prepare for IELTS (University of Cambridge Exam) with my friend. We stayed together in the same room.After scoring 6.5 band I am now teaching English in Thailand. The principal himself used to take our classes. We spent around 6 hrs average in the class.
    Chih Chi (Taiwan)
  • My stay at Rose Mount was a great experience. In fact, it was my first visit to India. But thanks to Mr. Madhukar I felt quite at ease. I am coming back in February again to carry on my studies with our Hindi teacher.
    Jason Dunn (America)
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