Our Hostel

Our Hostel

We call our hostel a mini world. You will find students of different nationalities, religions, and cultures staying under one roof. It’s a great experience staying at Rose Mount’s hostel. Some of the students have made long-lasting bonds with their roommates! They might speak different languages but English is the common medium. So the students get to practice English 24hrs a day!

The accommodation provided by Rose Mount is clean, comfortable, and safe. The rooms are well lit and airy. There is a big garden surrounded by trees and flowers, where they can spend their evenings listening to music or playing games or maybe just in silence.

The students are provided accommodation on a twin-sharing basis. They can request a single room but at an extra price. There is a fridge, microwave oven, and cooking gas. The students are allowed to cook food on Sundays. During the weekdays, they are served great Indian food. A washing machine is available to the students and can use it whenever they need it. They have wifi access as well. In the vicinity, there are several stores, parks, gyms, doctors, and hospitals.

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