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October 18, 2018
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November 12, 2018

PTE Reading

It isn’t uncommon for academically inclined eyes to dream of studying abroad these days. It is one career prospect that interests most students for it not just develops their personality but offers an excellent platform for their growth. Here PTE comes into picture. PTE Academic has been widely accepted by several as a trusted means to embark upon their dreams.

PTE is a structured test designed to assess the readiness of non-native English speakers to participate in a university-level English language instruction program. It judges the test takers on these four integrated skills; Speaking, writing, listening and Reading.

Let’s begin with PTE Reading. It is a test which lasts for 31-40 minutes including 14 -19 questions in total. This tests the candidate’s ability to identify specific information, writer’s opinion, relations between paragraphs etc.

Types of questions included in this are: Multiple choice single answers, Multiple choices multiple answers, Re-order paragraphs, Fill in the blanks, Fill in the blanks – reading and writing.

The best part about PTE is that it has fewer questions but the time to answer them is limited. Therefore, it’s all about time management.

In the first question type, the candidates are given two to three of each ”Multiple Choice Single Answer” and ”Multiple Choice Multiple Answers” questions. These question types require the candidates to analyze the paragraphs and identify specific information. Each passage is about 300 words long. It becomes difficult to manage time in these types of questions but with the help of skimming, the main information can be traced which makes it quite easy to get the correct answer in the least possible time.

The second type of task in PTE  Reading is “Re-order paragraphs”. This is given to know whether the candidates can follow logical and chronological sequence of events. A few sentences are given which need to be arranged in a logical sequence. The total length of the paragraph may be about 150 words. To form a sequence, a connection between paragraphs should be made like the focus on articles, numbers, the repeated words, etc.

The third type of task is ”Fill in the blanks”. This includes 4-5 questions with a passage of about 80 words. A few words are given out of which the right words are to be identified and then dragged and dropped in the blank spaces. These types of questions need a good understanding of collocations, which help to find the correct words easily. The surrounding text also helps to interpret the words required in the blanks.

Generally speaking, the preparation of this test may help any candidate improve his reading, comprehension and analytical ability besides being on the path to success.

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