Speaking is an Art

Words have a soul
October 10, 2018
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October 24, 2018

Speaking is an Art

Speech is one of the most precious gifts bestowed upon mankind by the almighty. The ability to convey the distorted ideas to the others coherently is what makes it an art. Further, speech is what distinguishes a man from an ape.

It may have started with a sign language but with hundreds of languages that came into existence since the evolution of mankind; we have come a long way. This inarguably makes speech an important medium of communication thereby making words an important tool.

In an effective speech, these words are very powerful. They may start or stop a war, change the way a person, sees, perceives or even plans a thing, therefore, it is important to think, plan and know what to speak.

Words have life. They help us paint that mental picture of things we may never have seen. If we could rewind the past, people with great oratory skills have changed the face of history. They’ve changed the course and lives of people just by mere choice of appropriate words. Apparently, speaking as a communication skill becomes indispensably important for it is the means to convey words in a meaningful way to reflect our thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

The words that we choose to speak, the modulation, the articulation may make that everlasting impression. What we speak and how we speak talks about us and our personality. It shows our mettle. A very good looking person may cease to impress the others by incorrect choice or presentation of words. The power of speech provides the speaker with distinct advantages therefore it is important to polish our speaking skills.

Effective listening has always taken the front seat when it comes to effective speaking. Simple reason being, interesting content and pleasing voice creates an emotional connection with another language. It prepares us for speaking. It gives us phrases, improves comprehension and allows clearer pronunciation, giving momentum for good speaking.

Reading is another way to increase our vocabulary. Reading gives us words; individual words, phrases, words in combination with other words which we need to express ourselves. Further, it builds up our familiarity with the language, preparing us for an effective communication.

Last but not the least, speaking. The only way to speak effectively is to speak, purposefully and with a positive attitude. It would be wrong to take speaking as a task; instead, it should be done as an interest and enjoyed. Taking part is healthy discussions is yet another proven methods to hone the speaking skills. Confidence embellishes speaking so wear your confidence and let effective communication and not perfection be your goal!