English – The need of the Hour

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October 24, 2018
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December 8, 2018

English – The need of the Hour

Brits may have committed several sins on the Indian soil but they left their legacy behind; a legacy that changed the fate of all the Indians!

Today English has entered the fabric of Indian culture. Being the second most spoken language in the world, it is the language of the masses now. It has made its presence felt in all spheres of life.  Speaking good English is just as important

It has its roots so deep in our system that speaking correct English is not even a choice. It’s become a status symbol, prerequisite in a job interview and a language understood by the internet. Not to forget that it helps write a research paper, aids communicate freely with the people around the world and the list seems to be endless. It has in fact acquired the label of a global language.

As easy and glamorous as it sounds, sometimes the words don’t come easy. There are times when one finds himself tongue tied at the loss of words. One gropes for that one right word but it doesn’t pop up at the right time deflating the confidence.

This being said, the good news is; using good English is no rocket science. It’s a blend of the right attitude, the right vocabulary and the right grammar. Language is the infinite use of finite means. To learn a language one needs diligence and positive attitude. There are some more specific tips that can help one improve.

First of all, don’t be afraid. Make mistakes as long as you learn from them. You need the right attitude to improve your English. Look for every opportunity to practise speaking in English, like talking to people at parties, approaching a foreigner who looks lost, or just putting up your hand when your teacher asks a question. Remember, every mistake is an opportunity to learn, so don’t be afraid of making some slips from time to time.

Surround yourself in English. Be with some who knows and speaks good English. Never let the opportunity to improve slip. Read good literature, newspapers, informative books or whatever reasonable text you can get your hands on.

Practise the four core skills; listening, reading, speaking and writing. These integrated skills collectively pave the way for using English effectively.

Understand the rules of the language. English adorned with correct grammar is like the perfect icing on the cake. One of the key ingredients to speaking good English is having a good control over its language and vocabulary. Therefore, work on the principles of grammar and enrich your word bank constantly.

Keep an eye on your punctuation as it can totally change what you’re trying to say. Check out these sentences: Let’s eat, dad. Let’s eat dad.

Practise every day. Practice makes a man and even a woman perfect! So, take the plunge and give it your best push. Never miss an opportunity to exercise what you have learnt.

So braced with the right tools, you are all set to play with the language. So go ahead make the world your playground.

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