We offer a variety of English language courses for students with different needs and at different levels. Click below to know more about the different levels.

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Our courses have been especially designed for the non-native learners. The course is delivered by teachers who are proficient in Hindi as well as English. Click below to know more.

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French is a widely used language and knowing french opens the door to various career options. Rosemounts offers courses in French at different levels. Students are free to take the DELF examination offered by the French Embassy in India after the completion of the course. DELF certificates are widely accepted all over the world as a proof of proficiency in French.

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Examination Training

Rosemounts has been at the forefront of Exam preparation for more than two decades. Click below to know more about each programme

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Occupational English Test

Rosemounts now offers exam training for OET, the Occupational English Test designed for healthcare professionals wishing to work or study in healthcare in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai or Singapore. By taking OET not only do you demonstrate that you have the right level of English needed to practice healthcare abroad but importantly the test is designed around real healthcare scenarios, so you learn the kind of language that you will need every day at work.

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Online learning

Juggling a full-time job or family commitments during the day? Perhaps you can't physically travel to our language center in Dehradun. Don’t let that stop you improving your language skills. Let us come to you instead. We now offer one-to-one classes online to suit your needs. Our three-step process ensures we create the perfect course tailored to you. Firstly, we discuss your learning objectives – so that we clearly understand what you want to learn and why, and importantly when you have time to learn

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