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Welcome to Rosemounts Institute

We are an award-winning languages, skills and career development center working with students and professionals looking to improve their communication skills and employability.
We equip our students and clients with the solutions they need to be on the top of their game enabling them to constantly learn, unlearn and learn.
Based in Dehradun we are one of the most certified and internationally acclaimed institute in North India.

Our Courses


 First institute to provide IELTS preparation and testing in Dehradun.

Learn English

Rosemounts offers a wide range of English Language courses in India. 

learn hindi
Learn Hindi

Rosemounts offers a wide range of Hindi Language courses in India. 

learn french
Learn French

Rosemounts offers a wide range of French Language courses in India. 

Our Programs

Study Abroad

Designed for students wanting to study at a foreign university, our Study Abroad Program covers everything you need to know…

International Students

Rosemounts attracts students from all over the world including America, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Saudi Arabia, England, Chile, Mexico… 

For Organizations

Rosemounts offers various soft skill development, language training programmes and teacher workshops for corporate and educational institutions to help them upskill their teams.

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