6 ways to perfect your presentation skills

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February 28, 2019
April 10, 2019

6 ways to perfect your presentation skills

Giving a presentation, whether big or small, can be nerve-wracking; especially for those who are not born with a natural flair for it. It’s a skill that demands thorough understanding of the content, good body language and the art of delivery.

A stellar presentation requires a bit of hard work, a handful of strategies and a dash of confidence. Follow these simple steps and watch yourself basking in the glory of applause and admiration from your audience:

Know your audience

One of the key steps that will help you smoothly deliver your presentation is that you know your audience and their interests. Don’t use a presentation as a means to showcase your expertise, conversely, let it be a platform to make it a memorable experience for them.


Though sound content is essential, you are the star of the presentation. To deliver a power packed presentation, ensure that the content is authentic and well researched. This should be followed by thorough preparation. Practice and rehearse the content till you master it. Attend other presentations if possible. It will give you a good idea about what to do and what to avoid.

Opening your presentation

Sharing a story can kick start your presentation as it tends to capture the audience’s attention. A relevant and genuine story will always help create a connection with them, making rest of the journey comparatively easier. The story, however, should reinforce the point you are trying to make. You can tell them something they don’t know.


While giving the presentation, make eye contact with your audience. Talk to them; ask them questions and keep them engaged. Inviting questions will turn a monologue into a dialogue. Ensure good body posture and tone throughout. Steer clear of fillers as they make you sound unsure and under-confident. Remember, it is important to appear confident.

Add humor

Including a little humor will add life to your presentation. A one-way presentation can be a boring way to facilitate the transfer of information. Adding the right blend of mild jokes along with relatable information will not only keep them interested, but make them smile too.

Keep your slides simple

Do not put too much text on each slide. This can be done by adding only the key points to the power point presentation and letting the slides be a means to help the audience browse through the information briefly. You must be their mentor and help them navigate through the content. Now your audience won’t be glued to the screen; instead they will listen to you.

Presentations, though terrifying, play an important part in your professional success.  Therefore, using these strategies can help you overcome anxiety and give you some quick wins that will help you connect with your audience and give that stellar presentation.