Rosemounts has been at the forefront of TOEFL preparation since 1999 and was the first institute to bring TOEFL preparation and testing to Dehradun. Students from around the world as well as from India enroll with us.

All the four sections of the paper: reading, writing, listening, speaking are extensively covered. TOEFL specific vocabulary and grammar sessions help the students gain more confidence. The resource material used in the classroom is well researched and taught by experienced teachers.

Regular quizzes and assessments help teachers identify problem areas for students. Through personalised attention and mentoring the students confidence is bolstered. Every Saturday and the last 5 days of the programme, a computer based mock test series is given to students, enabling them to evaluate their performance.

TOEFL is required in US and in some universities of Canada. It is scored out of 120 points. It is an internet based test (iBT)

Section Content No of Questions Approximate Time
Reading 3 Passages 36-42 60-100 minutes
Listening 2 Conversations 4 Lectures 34 60-90 minutes
Speaking 2 Independent tasks 4 Integrated – skills tasks 6 20 minutes
Writing 1 Integrated – skills task 1 Independent task 1 50 minutes
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  • I am a professor of anthropology in Brazil. I did a 2 month Hindi Course at Rose Mount. Initially, it was a bit difficult but after the first week I settled in the class and made good progress. I believe that 2 month was a short time, I should have opted for a longer course.
    Gabriele Grossi (Brazil)
  • Hi I am Oscar from Spain. I came to Dehradun 2 months ago to study IELTS.Studying in Rose Mount School was really a good experience. I used to study 5 hrs in a day. The outcome of it was I scored 8 bands out of 9 On IELTS(University of Cambridge). The classes,material given in school was very useful.
    Oscar Arevrec Regnis (Spain)
  • I visited India with my friend to learn English. It was a great experience. We really enjoyed our stay. The country is mesmerizing.
    Iva Lopez (Spain)
  • Hi I am Adnan from Iraq. I am a journalist by profession and I have travelled all over the world. For me coming to India was something I had always wanted to do. So when I came across Rose Mount on the net I became very interested in the programmes they had to offer. I did a three week course in English.
    Adnan (Iraq)
  • Hi, I am Navila from Japan. I first came for one month and then I came again for 6 months. My Hindi teacher was very good. He made feel comfortable in the class. I studied and I enjoyed a lot. I went to Ladhak at the end of my course.
    Navila (Okamoto)
  • I came to the school to prepare for IELTS (University of Cambridge Exam) with my friend. We stayed together in the same room.After scoring 6.5 band I am now teaching English in Thailand. The principal himself used to take our classes. We spent around 6 hrs average in the class.
    Chih Chi (Taiwan)
  • My stay at Rose Mount was a great experience. In fact, it was my first visit to India. But thanks to Mr. Madhukar I felt quite at ease. I am coming back in February again to carry on my studies with our Hindi teacher.
    Jason Dunn (America)
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