IELTS Reading Exercise 6

IELTS Reading Exercise 5
August 19, 2018
The Power of Words
October 4, 2018

IELTS Reading Exercise 6

The evidence is crystal clear: Physical activity is great for children. Researchers around the world agree that young people who are active have better brain function, higher self- esteem, more motivation and better school performance.

During the school day, children do not need to exercise for long periods of time. A review of studies published in 2011 found that short bursts of physical activity – 10 minutes or less – increased pupils’ attention in the classroom. Children who took short breaks for physical activity also performed better in school and displayed lower stress levels and better moods.

What about linking physical activity with teaching? A review published in 2015 found that when children learn while moving their bodies, they perform significantly better on standardised tests. There are all sorts of examples of how to make this happen, such as doing jumping jacks while spelling words.

Write :  YES  :                 if the statement agrees with the passage
              NO :                   if the statement does not agree with the passage
              NOT GIVEN:     if the statement is not mentioned in the passage

1. Physical exercise can make children feel better about themselves.
2. The optimal amount of physical activity for children is 10 minutes.
3. Children can benefit when tasks provide both mental and physical stimulation.

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