English Language Courses – Choosing the Right Language School

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English Language Courses – Choosing the Right Language School

In India, as in other countries, there has been a spurt in schools offering English language courses. In every city there are a number of schools which offer courses in Spoken English, General English etc. To choose the right one is a difficult decision. There are a number of factors which when taken into account can help you choose the right language school.

The first factor is the certifications of the school. It is important to check out if the school has the right certifications from internationally recognized bodies like University of Cambridge, QAI, Trinity College etc., in the field of English Language teaching. A school can only be certified by such bodies if they are following the international norms and have a high level of competence. Only a handful of schools can get such certifications.

The second important factor is to check out if the teachers of a particular school are qualified to teach English. If one can speak good English does not mean that the same person can become a good teacher as well. Most of the schools, generally, do not have enough qualified staff. The teachers should be trained English language teachers and certified by competent bodies. Experience in teaching International students should also be considered.

The third factor which can help you choose the right language school is the number of years that the school has been operating. The older the school, the greater the chances of its doing quality work. Nobody would like to be trapped by impressive websites. It is important for the students to check out the credentials of the school. One can directly correspond with the school to find out the year when it started and also ask for testimonials. Success stories tell a lot about the teaching capabilities of a particular school.

The fourth factor is the cost. Travelling to a different country to study entails a lot of expenditure.  There are costs like travelling, accommodation, food and transport over and above the course fee. It is important that a student should be aware of all the costs involved. Schools that offer accommodation are more economical as compared to schools that do not offer such facilities.

The above are some of the ways that you can zero on to the right school. The bottom line is not to be carried away by catchy websites and online advertising. The students also need to ask the right questions so that they have specific information about the language school they are interested in. Money and time are rare commodities. They need to be spent with discretion.

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