IELTS Writing Task – Assessment Criteria

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May 16, 2018
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May 23, 2018

IELTS Writing Task – Assessment Criteria

Aiming beyond IELTS Band 7: IELTS academic writing Task

Ever wondered what it takes to move beyond IELTS band 7? We all have the potential to do better and all we need is a slight nudge in the right direction, by an experienced mentor. At Rosemounts, the kind of insight that we give to our students helps achieve their full potential!

We have curated the following for you to understand how an examiner marks you. This is how our faculty will assess you when you take a mock test with us.

If you meet the following benchmarks you are primed for success.

Task Fulfilment

– You were able to fully satisfy all the requirements of the task in your response.
– You were able to adequately highlight the bullet points in your response, but the details presented were irrelevant, inaccurate or inappropriate at times.
– You were able to present an overview of the main trends and differences in your response.

Coherence & Cohesion

– You used paragraphing inadequately in your response.
– You were able to use some basic connecting words, although these were sometimes inaccurate or repeated.
– You were able to arrange information and ideas logically in your response and there seemed to be a clear sequence throughout.

Lexical Resource

– You are able to use an adequate range of vocabulary in your response.
– The response had errors in spelling and/or word formation that could be noticed and caused difficulty for the reader.
– You attempted to use less common vocabulary in your response but made some mistakes in doing so.

Grammatical Range Accuracy

– You were able to use a mix of simple and complex sentence forms in your response.
– The response had some structures that were correct but there were a lot of grammatical errors as well as errors in use of punctuation marks.
– You have used the active voice throughout instead of the passive voice that is more suitable for reporting data.

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